Recruitment of Researchers

Recruitment of Researchers Tokuyama Laboratory in WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research of Tohoku University: Theoretical and Simulation Studies of Glasses and Supercooled Liquids

An Assistant Professor position and a postdoctoral position are available to undertake research in the theoretical and simulation study of structure and dynamics in glass-forming liquids in WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. These positions are funded by WPI. Applicants are required to have a PhD in Physics or Chemistry (or the equivalent) with experience in research involving statistical physics and/or computational modeling of liquids or solids, and in programming in C or Fortran.

Outline of the WPI AIMR Research Center (Outline of the WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research: Tohoku University WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research was established on October 1, 2007 following the adoption of the International Advanced Materials Science Research Center Plan, which we proposed, and was included as one of the top five programs, to the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI Program) run by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology. The Center, which is based on the concept of combining physics, chemistry, material science and engineering by way of an innovative method of atomic and molecular control, is committed to pursuing (1) the creation of superior new compounds and materials with innovative functions, (2) the construction of devices based upon new materials and a new fundamental paradigm, and (3) establishing materials system architecture that will generate direct societal impacts. With world-leading researchers working under an innovative system in a favorable environment, the Center aims to produce tangible world-class results and become a hub of materials science research.

Number of positions: 1 Assistant Professor and 1 postdoctoral research fellow.

Starting date: As soon as possible.

Employment conditions: Documents for application: The files of the above documents (pdf) should be sent to me at the following E-mail address; tokuyama at wpi-aimr.tohoku.ac.jp.

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