About Us

The European Molecular Liquids Group was formed in 1981. Its main objective was to form a network of scientists interested in the study of the structure, dynamics and interactions of molecules in liquids by experimental, theoretical and simulation techniques.

We maintain a close relationship with our sister organization, the Japanese Molecular Liquids Group (JMLG), which is the international division of the Japanese Association of Solution Chemistry (JASC). EMLG and JMLG coordinate their activities since 1996.

Since 1982 EMLG and JMLG have established and maintained a series 33 international conferences (The EMLG and Joint EMLG/JMLG annual meetings) as a platform for information exchange between researchers and students. Each conference has typically a certain scientific focus. Several of the meetings were supported by NATO as NATO Advanced Study Institutes and by the European Science Foundation (ESF) as part of the prestigious ESF conference series.

Traditionally, a special issue of the Journal of Molecular Liquids covers the scientific contributions presented at the meeting.

Contact Us: Universität Rostock • Institut für Chemie • Albert-Einstein-Str. 21 • 18059 Rostock • Germany

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